Soul Force or The Force of Love
from "All Men Are Brothers", Mahatma Gandhi

 The fact that there are so many men still alive
in the world shows that is is based not on the
force of arms but on the force of truth or love.
Therefore, the greatest and most unimpeachable
evidence of the success of this force is
to be found in the fact that, in spite of the wars
of the world, it still lives on.

Thousand, indeed tens of thousands, depend
for their existence on a very active working
of this force. Little quarrels of millions of families
in their daily lives disappear before the exercise
of this force. Hundreds of nations live in peace.
History does not and cannot take note of this fact.
History is really a record of every interruption
of the even working of the force of love
or of the soul. Two brothers quarrel;
one of them repents and reawakens the love
that was lying dormant in him;
the two again begin to live in peace;
nobody takes note of this.

But if the two brothers, through the intervention
of solicitors or some other reason take up arms
or go to law--which is another form of the
exhibition of brute force--their doings would be
immediately noticed in the press,
they would be the talk of their neighbours
and would probably go down in history.
And what is true of families and communities
is true of nations

There is no reason to believe that there is one
law for families and another for nations.
History, then, is a record of an interruption
of the course of nature.

Soul-force, being natural, is not noted in history.