"I am not a Christian Scientist,
but part of the Christian Science Philosophy
is not to know your age,
-- to act like you don't know --
so you are not dictated to by these things."

Warren Beatty

"When it comes to aging, the main thing to realize
is that as soon as we set a limit on our life span
in our minds, that limit becomes real.
The current scientific wisdom is that we all have
the potential to live 115 to 120 years ....."
"No one dies from old age,
people die from preventable diseases ..."
"So if you can adjust your expectations to
what the scientific wisdom says, then
you can reset your biological set point for aging."

Deepak Chopra, MD.
"Self Magazine"-Nov.1993

"The working hypothesis that everyone has,
which is different from 30 years ago, is that
life span in any species is not fixed,
it's not a clock that has a certain number ticks
on it, and it 's a system that can be expanded."

Caleb Finch, USC, Professor of
Gerontology & Biological Science

The forces of thought have the power to affect,
not only the personal appearance of man,
but also the chemical elements of his system.
To retain his youth,
man must therefore educate himself to think
only those thoughts that have a youth producing tendency."..
. . .
"The power of youth comes from within;
to enter more and more deeply into the inner consciousness
of real life is to awaken this power,
and when this power is awakened in the person,
old age conditions will absolutely disappear,
regardless of how many years that person may have lived."

Christian D. Larson
"How to Stay Young" 1908